The Orland Hills Police Department has implemented a program to assist in the recovery of lost or stolen bicycles to their rightful owner. Bicycle theft is a crime that causes a financial loss as well as the inconvenience within our communities. When a bicycle is recovered by our Department, every effort is made to locate the owner and the Bicycl Registration Program has been successful in that effort.


Manufactures mark bicycles with a serial number. If you do not haev a manufacturer serial number on your bicycle, engrave an identifying number on the bicycle frame. You may also want to engrave the same number on the wheels and other parts of the bicycle

Bicycle Registration

Complete a Bicycle Registration Form. This information allows the Orland Hills Police Department to track the ownership of the bicycle. Completed registration forms can be dropped off at the Orland HIlls Police Department at 16039 S 94th Avenue. A Bicycle Registration Decal will be given to you to place on the bicycle.

Protect yourself - Wear approved bicycle safety helmets, use proper lights and reflectors and follow all road safety rules.