If you were involved in a Traffic Accident and an Accident Report was written by the Orland Hills Police department, the Officer will give you a business card at the time that the report was taken. The business card will indicate the case report number and the crash date. You will need this information to obtain a copy of the Accident Report.

You can purchase this Accident Report by going on-line: https://ecrash.lexisnexis.com/index/consumers.

On-line, you will be able to download and print the report immediately.

Login to https://ecrash.lexisnexis.com/index/consumers 
<https://ecrash.lexisnexis.com/index/consumers>Click on "Register for an 
Involved Party Accident"Follow the website prompts.

A copy of an Accident Report cannot be obtained from the Orland Hills Police Department.
This information is only available on on-line.