As a Reminder, here are some Fall Home Safety Tips:

1. Service your Furnance - Call a qualified service technician to check your Furrnance. They can find leaks and other problems that if left undetected can cause fires, or worse!

2. Check your Smoke Detectors - Fall is a good time to test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Change your batter EVERY YEAR!

3. Practice Fireplace Safety - When using your fireplace always be sure the flu is open before starting a fire. Use a screen to prevent sparks from entering the home and to keep pets away from the fire.

4. Watch what your children do online! - Technology is a wonderful thing for business and pleasure. It's also a way for criminals to steal your personal information. They also use it to lure unsuspecting children! Use Parental Blocks and check the computer!

5. Check the Sex Offender websites - Knowledge is power. Talk to your children about safety and warn them about predators. Here are two websites that list current Sex Offenders in your area: Illinois State Police and National Sex Offender Public Website