Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control is seeking your assistance in the education of the public regarding co-existing safely with urban coyotes.  February is the month in which most coyotes mate, therefore we will have more coyote sightings and possible conflicts.  Education of the public will help limit the number of conflict situations and hopefully eliminate disasters.  "Avoiding Conflict" chapter of Cook County Departments website is outlined with five major steps to avoiding conflicts with coyotes.

1.  Do not feed coyotes.  Keep garbage can lids closed as not to attract other rodents which are the coyotes main source of food.

2.  Do not let your pets run loose.  Don't let your cats roam.  Keep dogs on leashes or stay outside with them in fenced areas.  Your presence is the major deterrent to coyotes.

3.  Do not run from a coyote.  Wave your hands, stomp your feet, shout at them, or throw things at them.

4.  Fencing and lighting your yards can act as repellents.

5.  Report aggressive, fearless coyotes to the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control.   Remember that coyote sightings alone need NOT be reported.  However, a habituated (lack of fear of humans) coyote may need to be removed.  For more info go to the above website or call 708-974-6140.