The weather outside is still pleasant but winter is just around the corner.  While you are enjoying yourself outside or inside, please take advantage of the mild weather to do some routine maintenance and to keep your home safe.  Here are some tips that could help.

 On the outside,

  • Have someone inspect your roof for damaged shingles.
  • Inspect chimneys and vents for bird nests and other debris.
  • Install a chimney cap on your fireplace to prevent animals from building nests in your chimney.
  • Clean out gutters and soffit vents to prevent ice from backing up under shingles causing water damage to walls, ceilings and soffits.
  • Remove your hose from outside faucets.  When you leave your hose connected to the faucet, the water trapped in the pipe can freeze and crack the pipe causing water damage inside your home.
  • Keep ice, snow and debris away from downspouts and especially, sump pump discharge outlets.
  • It’s not unusual to see a thunderstorm in the middle of winter.  Winter storms are sometimes more of a threat than summer storms.  Ice, snow and frost in the ground inhibit the rainwater from soaking into the ground as it does in summer.  The water can only travel overland to ditches and sewers.  When the sewers are blocked with ice, snow and debris, it causes the stormwater to back up causing the surrounding area to flood.  To help protect your home against winter floods, adopt a nearby storm sewer in front, back or near your home.  Keep ice, snow and debris away from sewers to prevent flooding.


On the inside,

  • Set aside time to inspect extension cords, not just the cords on your tree, but all the cords in your home.  We forget about those cords behind beds, dressers and other furniture.  Old cords can become brittle and crack or the plugs can wear out causing damage to your electronics, or worse, a house fire.
  • Now is the time to inspect the batteries in your smoke detectors, or better yet, install some new ones.  At the very least you should have a smoke detector on every level of your home.
  • Inspect windows in all bedrooms to ensure they easily open for exit, in the event of a fire.
  • Keep an up to date accessible fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage.
  • Keep stairwells clear of ice, snow and debris so doors open easily in an emergency.


Any questions, comments or for a flood related site visit to your home, please call Joe Ennesser at the Village Hall Building Department at 349-4887.